What Is Silver Hydrosol?

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Silver Hydrosol Pet Cream

4 Ounce Size  $29.95

According to “Colloidal Silver Today: The All Natural, Wide-Spectrum Germ Killer,” silver hydrosol also has antimicrobial benefits, and you can use these supplements as ointments on minor burns and minor skin wounds.

Silver Hydrosol Cream

4 Ounce Size     $29.95

Silver is a metallic element that has several antibiotic properties. Silver hydrosol, also known as colloidal silver, is silver particles suspended in a liquid. Silver hydrosol has many purported medical uses, and you can purchase this form of silver as a health supplement. However, you should always speak with a medical professional prior to consuming any health supplement, including silver hydrosol.

Silver Hydrosol Cream

8 Ounce Size    $49.95

Antimicrobial Function of Silver

Silver Hydrosol Cream

2 Ounce Size.    $16.95

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This soothing Silver Hydrosol Cream is useful when applied on  rashes,     burns, scrapes, cuts, etc.  It is also a very good skin moisturizer.

Silver Hydrosol is natures own germ bacteria, and flu fighter.

Silver Hydrosol Water

8 0unce Spray  $16.95

Silver's antibacterial and antiviral benefits may have been evident as early as the Dark Ages, when British royalty appeared immune to the deadly bubonic plague. Despite the widespread decimation of millions in Europe, those of noble birth who ate and drank from sterling silver dinnerware did not perish. This is the basic premise that is used to explain the ability of silver to increase resistance to illness.

Silver Hydrosol Water

16 Ounce Refill  $29.95