This soothing Silver Hydrosol Cream is useful when applied on  rashes,     burns, scrapes, cuts, etc.  It is also a very good skin moisturizer.

Silver Hydrosol is natures own germ bacteria, and flu fighter.

* Bought this for a family member with eczema to give it a try, it would be great to get away from all the big pharma meds, with scepticism it worked from the get go. I don't really know what else I can say except i helped more than anything else out there on the market.

Silver Hydrosol Cream

8 Ounce Size    $49.95

Silver Hydrosol Water

16 Ounce Refill  $29.95

Silver Hydrosol Water

8 0unce Spray  $16.95

Silver Hydrosol Cream

4 Ounce Size     $29.95

Silver Hydrosol Pet Cream

4 Ounce Size  $29.95

Colloidal research, manufactures Silver Hydrosol water using a unique and special process, that was developed, through extensive research, and development. This special process includes, using only 99.9999 pure silver electrodes, with pure distilled water (no additives) while being precisely temperature controlled. The unique process is further enhanced through continual ozonation during a special - time specific - controlled process, with a predetermined, precise voltage and current. This specialized quality controlled process is how we are able to continually offer such a high quality Silver Hydrosol product, with high quality assurance standards.
Simply spray under your tongue a few times a day.........Even skeptics who try this, can't help but notice an improvement in their overall well-being.

*Great stuff...I just ordered another jar...hopefully I will not need it because of the greatly improved results I am getting just after three days, but rather just to have it on hand as a sort of cheap relief insurance policy. When you need it, you need it and I have it....

* I have to say this stuff is great! My rooster, Waffles The Roo, has gotten several wounds to his comb and wattles from my girls as they are in the process of integrating and he's still smaller than half the girls (they are mean).
I use the spray from this company too, but prefer the cream because it stays put. I slather some on Waffles' wounds, and I don't have to worry about infection. It heals quickly.
As long as I have animals around (chickens and dogs), I will always have this on hand. This is Waffles The Roo approved (this is not a paid endorsement--just a happy chicken momma wanting to share the word).

Silver Hydrosol Cream

2 Ounce Size.    $16.95

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