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      People throughout the ages have used colloidal silver water as a natural safe way to fight, against germs and bacteria. As well as an aid against viruses, colds and flu.    Please read the FAQ or Reports page for further information.

Why haven’t doctors revealed this before? 

It all comes down to money. The pharmaceutical companies do not want this product promoted otherwise their antibiotics and prescription drugs would take a huge hit in sales. These big companies know that if people become aware of this and take it regularly that many people would no longer need many of the drugs they are taking.
   Basically… A patient cured is a.... customer  lost !!!!-

 Be Prepared!!!!   Take back your power...Colloidal Silver works!!!

In these hard times, as prices rise and  people keep losing their jobs and insurance, people are looking for an alternative to high priced medical treatments and expensive drugs, along with all their toxic side effects.                                                                                            Many people are starting to "take back responsibility" for their own health and wellness. 

We proudly offer our fine line of great colloidal silver products.... Why pay more???    


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Colloidal Silver Water
8 ounce Spray - $16.95

Colloidal Silver Water
16 ounce Refill - $25.95

Colloidal Silver Cream
2 ounce Jar - $16.95 

   Colloidal Silver
   Travel Pack - $9.95




Colloidal Silver Water
1 ounce Tri-Pack - $10.95

Colloidal Silver Water
1 ounce Twin Pack - $9.25

Colloidal Silver Water
4 ounce Spray - $12.95

 Big 64 Ounce Jug 10PPM   

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Colloidal Silver Cream
8 ounce jar - $49.95

         Healthy Pet
4 ounce Pet Cream - $32.95

        Healthy Pet
4 ounce Drops - $12.95

   Colloidal Silver Cream
   4 ounce jar - $25.95





Colloidal Silver Water
1 oz quad-Pack - $11.95
Colloidal Nasal Spray
2 ounce Spray - $10.95 

  (4)  SUPER BIG 64 Ounce Jugs



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   (4)  SUPER BIG 

64 Ounce Jugs 10 PPM 

    Colloidal Silver Water

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  Huge Survival Pak

(4)    16 oz $25.95 =103.80

(4)    8 oz $16.95 =67.80

(4)    2oz cream 16.95 =67.80     total $239.40 

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Historical FYI 

Since the dawn of time silver has been used to help fight germs, bacteria, and other unfriendly microorganisms. For thousands of years silver has been used in silverware, silver cups, and silver serving trays and in medicine. Early American settlers even put silver coins in milk to help keep it fresh without refrigeration! American physicians in the 1930's relied on silver as an antibiotic treatment. Today silver is used in bandages and in salves for burns, and to protect against infections. It is even used in a nitrate form, and put into newborn babies eyes to help prevent infections!!



We make no claim that the use of colloidal silver water is a magic bullet that will instantly cure everything...However, the positive healing effects of it's use, was first discovered way back 5000 years ago in ancient Babylon. Even the Roman soldiers used a sort of paste made from it as a field dressing for their soldiers in battle.... 



Disclaimer:  The information presented herein by Colloidal Research inc, is intended for educational purposes only. This product is only a nutrient supplement, and not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. This product has not been tested or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to first consult with your own health care provider.

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